Mary X-Mas Rave feat. DJ Swamp - Buckeye Hills Regional Park - 12/25/2013

By Jeremiah Toller

Once upon a time in the late 90's or early 2000s, I paid 35-plus bucks for a ticket, drove with friends for hours for hours and hours to Wisconsin to see DJ Swamp perform at a huge rave with probably a couple thousand people. No, wait, for dramatic effect, let's say a couple million people.

The big crowd made it difficult to get close enough to watch DJ Swamp work his magic on the turntables, but close enough to see him standing above the crowd, mixing and scratching with his long, black hair hanging in front of his face almost the whole time, the anonymity prompting jokes that DJ Swamp, Buckethead and Slash could very well be the same person.

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