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Mashup Breakdown Interactively Lists Every Sample from Latest Girl Talk Album All Day

Well, if you're not that meticulous of a music fanatic and can't figure out every single sample for yourself, the interactive website Mashup Breakdown has you covered.

The flash-based site breaks down every track from All Day​ -- listing every single sample, as it occurs, while you listen to the Girl Talk track itself. The site displays each color-coded sample as it happens, listing multiple samples at the same time, if need be. Mashup Breakdown expands on a format introduced last week from a website created by Travis McClesky called -- which uses information from the album's Wikipedia page as its guide. McCluksy gave the previous Girl Talk album Feed The Animals the same treatment when it was released in 2008.

It just so happens that the New Edition - "If It Isn't Love" sample at 2:50 on the fourth track "Jump on Stage" was edited on All Day's Wikipedia page by yours truly. That's right -- amidst all that's going on throughout that song, I managed to hear the corny, 1980s boy band sample.

Gregg Gillis will play the Marquee Theatre on Wednesday, March 23. Download All Day for free at Illegal Art's website.

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