Massive Latin Urban Summit to Take Place in Phoenix

Latin music, in all its variations, has become one of the most popular and prominent genres in the United States over the past several years. In addition to the explosion of reggaeton, Latin music artists have crossed into mainstream music with contributions to rock and hip-hop, and many have established themselves as businessmen in the music industry.

The Latin Urban Summit brings together some of the brightest minds and biggest talent in Latin music, and is the first urban Latin music conference of its kind. Billboard recently did a write-up on the event, which takes place at Jackson's on 3rd in downtown Phoenix February 12 and 13.


In addition to live music performances, the Summit also features several panels of interest to independent and emerging Latin artists and music moguls. The panels on February 12 include "State of the Music Business," with speakers Gisselle Mencia and Amit Krispin (both attorneys), and Summit founder Rick Valenzuela; and "Artists Talk to You Straight," with panelists like artists Brown Boy and Monteloco, and Latino 96.3 FM (Los Angeles) DJ David Rolas.

The panels on February 13 cover sponsorships, music publishing, and digital distribution, with panelists Val Valdez (of Avatar Digital) and Hugo Gonzalez (of Hip Latin Music, LLC). There is also a "Producers on the rise" panel, featuring producers David Salas (Don Abusivo, Rigo Luna) and Ace 1, along with local producer and artist MC Magic, founder of NB Ridaz and Nastyboy Records. The last panel of the day will be on radio syndication, and includes speakers Mambo (a DJ from the syndicated The Rico & Mambo Show), Movin' 97.5 (Phoenix) DJ D Wayne, and Vic Caballero of Radio Express.

Pre-registration costs $99 and covers both days of the Summit and includes all panels and performances. For more information, visit  

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