Matt & Kim
Matt & Kim
Taylor Moon

Matt & Kim, Marquee Theatre, 3/9/13

Matt & Kim @ Marquee Theatre|3/9/13

I woke up Saturday eager to see Matt and Kim. My boyfriend suggested passing some time by catching a movie. Hell, why not? So, off to Oz the Great and Powerful -- fucking worst movie I have ever put money toward. Oh, wait, my boyfriend paid. Whoops! Regardless, I was dependent on Matt and Kim redeem my day. They did, with a flurry of cussing, booty-shaking, and hilarious stories delivered to a sold-out crowd. Mila Kunis is no Kim; James Franco is no Matt.

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The duo took the stage to the sound of Baauer's "Harlem Shake." At the beginning of the show, drummer/vocalist/firecracker Kim Schifino stated there'd be two rules. "Number one: Have a fucking fun time. Number two: Get fucking laid. These are the reasons to go out every night," she stated. "Scientists will fucking quote me."

"Time to heat this motherfucker up," keyboardist/vocalist Matt Johnson said, explaining that though he'd been feeling ill -- and without much of a voice -- he was feeling great Saturday night.

The pair bounded into M&K classics like "Block After Block," "Good Ol' Fashioned Nightmare," and "Lessons Learned." The crowd's response to Matt and Kim's cocky, "do it yourself" attitude, along with their obvious musical talent, was unrestrained. The fans cheered, danced, and sang along like they were in the shower. No one cared how they looked or sounded. They wanted to cut loose, and they wanted to party. It's a sort of unself-conscious glee that you don't get to see much in indie rock circles.

M&K have a nack for dropping in some great "booty-shaking" tracks in between their songs, and there was no shortage of them at Marquee. "Do You Think You're Better Off Alone" by Alice DJ, "Let Me Clear my Throat" by DJ KOOL, and even "Move Bitch" by Ludacris. The flow of energy was peculiar and disorienting, as M&K's "Cameras" was cut off by Luda's feminist-favorite chorus, "Move bitch, get out the way." Matt and Kim's goofiness is untamable, and the crowd cheered with joy.

Matt & Kim
Matt & Kim
Taylor Moon

Yes, it may all seem like a crazy booty-shaking party, but the musical talent of Matt and Kim can't be denied. Matt thrust one leg up into the air and shouted out amazing vocals while expertly playing the keyboard. (Sickness cannot over take Matt.) Kim drummed away, some of this even done while shaking her ass and even dropping in her vocals, clearly proving her to be a master of multi-tasking.

I can't speak to how fans handled rule two (but it's incredibly refreshing to see sexuality treated with respect, humor, and candor in the normally unsexy world of indie pop), but rule number one -- the rule about having a good time -- was clearly adhered to by the crowd. The band finished with an ebullient "Daylight," finishing up a party experience bands with quadruple Matt and Kim's membership would have a hard time living up to.

Critics Notebook:

Last Night: Matt and Kim at the Marquee Theatre.

The Crowd: Kids in party mode -- not dressed for a rave "party mode" -- but still, indie kids, mainstreamers, and all sorts gathered to party.

Overheard in the crowd: "I really hope they strip for real tonight. Kim's tits are that of a god. None of this blurred-out shit this time!" Clearly, making a reference to the music video for "Lessons Learned."

Random Notebook Dump: Kim slaps her ass a lot during shows. I wonder how many red marks she ends up with at the end of a show?

Another Notebook Dump: I want my future children to look up to Matt & Kim. I'll have the kiddos listening to M&K while they are still in the womb. Hopefully, my children will emerge into the room knowing how to booty-shake, jump around, and be self-confident.

Personal Bias: Matt & Kim deliver a party unlike any other. The goofiness of the two just explodes into the crowd. There's never a dull moment.

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