Matty Steinkamp, What Are You Listening To?

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Matty Steinkamp
Steinkamp is the president and founder of Sundawg Records and Sundawg Media. He invites you to Gumptionfest in Sedona Friday, September 16 through Sunday, September 18. Sundawg labelmates and Valley bands A Life of Science and The Wiley One are playing. For more info, go here.
When you put your key in the ignition and turn on the radio, what station would play right now? I listen to a lot of different stations depending on what time of day it is. In the morning, there is only one good station worth listening to before 10 a.m., which is TMI on 106.7-FM. Pretty much after that, I tune into NPR or X103.9-FM during Robyn Nash, Gadger, or Fields hours. I'm a big fan of certain DJ's there, not always the music that is played.
What's the first album you bought? Boyz II Men, I think, haha. My older brother gave me a cassete tape of a band called YZ back in the day long before I was even allowed to buy my own music.
What's the first concert you saw? I grew up with a very theatrical family of singers, so the Broadway musical Cats at Gammage Auditorium was the first concert experience that I had at the age of 10.
What's your favorite concert you've ever been to? G. Love and Mason Jennings at Fort Tuthill in Flagstaff. Got to go back-stage and meet Garrett Drew Dutton (G. Love) and chat with him for a bit about the music biz from his experiences on tour.

What's the last song played on your music player? It would have to be Bon Iver "For Emma."

Preferred format: CD, vinyl, cassette, 8-Track or digital? I totally prefer digital. I just wish there was more respect for the creation of music. Writers get ripped off a lot these days due to the digital era. Digital has made things much easier for music to be produced, but much harder to make money off the songs that are produced.

What's your favorite album? Weezer, the blue album -- so many hits!

Who is your favorite singer or band? My favorite band has always been Weezer, and I am a closet Katy Perry fan, haha, but on the local level, I sign my favorite bands to Sundawg. I have been a huge fan of all of their music even before working with them all.

Does you computer track how many times you've played something -- if so, what's at the top of the list? What Laura Says, "Dot Dot Dot." I usually play it once a day to simmer down and find some peace.

What was your favorite new or new-to-you album from 2010? I'm a little biased on this because Sundawg released Talk by What Laura Says, and I love it. But outside of our own projects, I really dig the Fleet Foxes' new music, as well as Foster the People's new music.

What one song would you play if you had a world-wide radio audience? A Life of Science, "Crystal City Awaits" off their new album Vita Nova.
Who is your favorite local artist? A Life of Science, The Wiley One, What Laura Says, Boys and Frogs, Mergence, Jonathan Sakas, Yellow Minute, Jamil (formerly of Antidote.)
What is your favorite local venue to see music? The Rhythm Room.

What is your favorite music video? I love all of the Take Away Show videos by Vincent Moon, and I really dig his "1901" video with Phoenix. I watch OK Go for a lot of inspiration with creative ideas. I produce a lot of music videos for artists around the Southwest, so I'm always looking for the new hotness.

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Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.


Join the New Times community and help support independent local journalism in Phoenix.