Mayhem Festival in 140 Characters or Less

Twitter is not bound by wannabe celebs, pop-princesses and Mr. Hipster TightJeans. Tweets about yesterday's Mayhem Festival at Cricket Pavillion lit up the board. Here are just a few. Also check out our review here.

@alexandrahayes1: + Marilyn Manson + Slayer + KUPD = MAYHEM FEST today!!!!!!

@XLivexLovexDieX: I look and feel horrible after Mayhem..worth it.

@EmilyMusacchio: I'm at the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival and just saw Slayer live! By far the best band I have ever seen!

@dirtbikechik19: Watching Marilyn Manson perform "Dope Show." Security just put out a huge bon fire on the lawn. AWESOME!

@asuham: Who else is at mayhem festical right now?! Killswitch is kickin ass right now!

@Stevenmc7: I'm in the pit at mayhem fest. Got entry to the vip bar and getting side stage for manson!

@phxcodemonkey: at mayhem! bring the fuckin noise!

@WestInfluence: AT MAYHEM MOTHAFUCKAS! Sitting in the shade, REALLY FUCKIN HOT. Bands are okay, cant wait for Manson though!

@Dano1984: hot as hell out here at mayhem but lovin it!!!

@robertzombie: I love the mayhem fest and slayer merch, the manson ones are ugly


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