Maynard James Keenan Posts Pic to Prove He Doesn't Hate Tool

After we published our story on Puscifer frontman and Arizona resident Maynard James Keenan Tuesday morning, it went viral. More than 20 blogs from all over the world, including, bizarrely, a K-pop website, wrote posts about a comment Keenan made, which many interpreted as disparaging Tool and its fans. 

In an effort to clear the air, yesterday Keenan posted the above picture of him and Tool drummer Danny Carey to Instagram. The two sit chummily next to each other, Carey's arm around Keenan, while the singer eats a frosted cookie and flicks off the camera. 

The text accompanying the photo read: "4hrs a.m. w/ @puscifer 4hrs p.m. w/ @tool @barry_mccockener and I TOTALLY hating on each other. #donttaketheclickbait #context" 

That is a little confusing to read. But here's our best effort at translation: "Four hours in the morning with Puscifer and four hours in the afternoon with Tool. [Sarcastically] Danny Carey and I TOTALLY hating on each other."

In other words, Keenan doesn't hate Tool, as many have suggested. Keenan is right — it's a matter of context.

Here's the full post:

The other members of Tool are gearing up for the band's only concert of 2015 as well. Guitarist Adam Jones showed off Carey's awesomely decorated drums:

~ DC is 'now' ready for Tempe ~ #Tool

A photo posted by Adam Jones (@adamjones_tv) on

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