MC Hammer Beefing with Jay-Z? Hammer Connects H.O.V.A. and the Devil in Terrible New Track

Remember when MC Hammer went all thug and changed his name to Hammer to get a little edge? He recorded that awful "Pumps and a Bump" song and turned his backup dancers into a newly-hard posse of wannabe street thugs?

History is repeating itself.

Hammer -- last spotted as a Social Media Guru pitching any product he can -- is now pretending to be King Hammer the badass again and targeting Jay-Z, who took a little swipe at him a few weeks back.

"Better Run Run" is totally pathetic. The acting, the devil thing, the guy who looks nothing like Zay wearing a Yankees cap... everything. Ugh. I'm so ashamed of my childhood hero.

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Martin Cizmar
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