MC Magic: Becky G's "Becky from the Block" Brings the Barrio to the Mainstream

I have always said that everyone likes new, whether it's a new car, new clothes, a new house, or even just new shoes. Becky G from Inglewood, California, is that "new" in today's hip-hop game.

Join me this week as I take you on a ride to discover some fresh new talent from one of those run-down neighborhoods close to LAX.

Becky Gomez -- Becky G, for short -- is a spunky 16-year-old Mexican-American rapper and singer with an impressive life story: Her family ended up living in her grandpa's garage, so she had to get a job to help out her dad, an auto mechanic who made a living working on cars in his front yard.

As a matter of fact, he's doing just that in Becky's latest video, "Becky from the Block." This remake of Jennifer Lopez's "Jenny from the Block" is such a creative piece -- not only does Becky deliver her rhymes with a flawless current-day swag, she also keeps it real with lyrics like, "If you don't find me chillin' in the barrio / I'm with my abuelitas praying the rosario."

While watching the video, one can't help wondering what J.Lo herself would think of this fresh face remaking one of her hits -- until the closing scene, when Ms. Lopez pulls up in a custom-painted gold-flake Impala to scoop up the tiny rapper, who appears to be about five feet tall.

Becky G bridges the gap between old-school barrio favorites like Lil Rob and LSOB and current-day sounds like that of Nicki Minaj. In other parts of the record, her flow is more like TLC's Left Eye.

But it gets even better: This Latina MC is also a singer.

She showcases that talent in her song "Problem (The Monster Remix)," a collaboration with will.i.am.

It seems like her collaboration with super-producer Dr. Luke is set to take off like a flight out of LAX. Dr. Luke, who's already delivered hits for the likes of Britney Spears and Katy Perry and who had a lot to do with Ke$ha's style, shows with "Becky from the Block" that he understands the culture Becky G comes from enough to blend it with today's music. If they come together for more records as good as this one, young Latinas everywhere will be filled with pride.

Blessing Love & Music! MC Magic

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