MC Magic: Thunderstrike and Cotton Candy Are the Valley's Youngest DJ Tag Team

This week, let's shine the spotlight on a brother-and-sister team from the Valley who are doing something pretty dope -- especially considering they're 8 and 12 years old.

I had the pleasure of sitting down and talking with Cody and Chloe, who are quite possibly the Valley's youngest-ever DJ tag team! When I first heard the names DJ Thunderstrike and DJ Cotton Candy, I was curious to hear one of their sets and find out just what inspired their movement.

After moving to the Valley from Tennessee, 7-year-old Cody was eager to show the world his musical passion and told his father, Mike, he wanted to DJ. That's when Dad sought out the skills and expertise of veteran DJ NC Slim who has mentored the kids, giving them weekly jam sessions and tips on how to tighten up their skills on the turntables. Almost immediately, the super-kid DJs went to work keeping the dance floor hype at the local Avondale Sportsplex. It didn't take long before the word got around and Thunderstrike and Cotton Candy started booking parties, events, and even a high school prom.

Magic: How did you come up with your DJ name? Cotton Candy: At first I was confused not knowing what DJ name to choose, so I sat back and thought about my favorite colors, which are pink and blue, just like cotton candy.

Thunderstrike: My DJ name just popped into my head, because I knew even before I started that when I start giving the people my music it'll be like a thunderstrike hitting the dance floor.

How far do you plan to go as a DJ? Cotton Candy: I plan to take it all the way! Maybe even become a DJ for a famous artist and tour the world rocking huge crowds.

Thunderstrike: I haven't decided how far I will take it but for now I'm just enjoying the excitement of being behind the music when the party gets jumpin'.

Every DJ has a secret weapon song. What's yours?

Cotton Candy: There's too many good songs that I like to play but one of my favorites that everyone loves is the "Cupid Shuffle." It's pretty much a guarantee to pack the floor.

Thunderstrike: There's one song that I can play at any event and it always gets the party going, "My Beat Bang" by E-40. Actually, we both use that song to get the party going.

How much money do you hope to make as DJs one day? Thunderstrike: I think $30,000 sounds like a good number to me.

Cotton Candy: I know that if we continue to get better we'll stand out because we're kids and people don't expect that from us, so we [could] make good money. I would be happy with $25,000 for one gig.

When you played at the prom, how did people react? Cotton Candy: Oh, they were dancing! it was good! Thunderstrike: Yeah, but I got the crowd more excited that night. I was pumped up! Cotton Candy: Of course you had the party more hype that night, because you took the late shift... You made me play the early set, remember!? Thunderstrike: Oh yeah. [Laughs] Forgot that part.

Blessings, Love & Music! MC Magic

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