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Melt Banana/Melt Banana Lite Playing Hollywood Alley

Looking for something interesting to do come November? Want to witness a truly unique band from Japan that you've most likely never seen before? Then take your concerns to Mesa's Hollywood Alley come November 4 to witness Melt Banana live. The trio have been expanding the bounds of noise-rock mixed with experimental electronic music (because c'mon, who doesn't mix those two these days?) since 1992, making quite a name for themselves in the appropriate batshit crazy music circles. This time around, the band will be trotting out their Melt Banana Lite, a different take on the band that will use some interesting arrangements.

The band will use their "Melt Banana Lite" experiment for the band's November 4 date at the Hollywood Alley. The "Lite" part of the band is explained as such:

These days, Melt Banana perform some of their shows under the name Melt Banana Lite, and this album is a live recording of the new configuration. Melt Banana Lite is not the usual Melt Banana: there are drums and vocals, but no guitars - instead samplers and synth. It is different, but at the same time, one definitely feels Melt Banana when one listens to it. It is like watching the ocean when diving, not when standing and watching from the land. Melt Banana Lite shows another face of Melt Banana, with more flexible, concentrated and free minds. They have stepped forward, attempting to discover new possibilities for their music.

That explanation was taken from from Insound explaining their new album which contains the Melt Banana Lite name/idea/whatever the hell you want to call it. Whatever the case may be, the "Lite" concept sounds intriguing, if not confusing as hell. Then again, Melt Banana's music has never really been too concerned with convention and practicality. 

Melt Banana will be playing Hollywood Alley Wednesday November 4. Tickets are $12 and information can be found here.

Melt Banana's myspace can be found at

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