Melvins Lite, Crescent Ballroom, 10/22/12

Melvins Lite @ Crescent Ballroom
Melvins Lite, the latest incarnation of the 30-year-old sludge/punk/metal band The Melvins, took the stage at The Crescent Ballroom last night, chalking up stop number 48 on their record-breaking 51-day tour of the country. They're hitting every state...and Washington D.C.

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"I think that it's pretty significant that in our 30th year of our existence, we're taking on something like this," Buzz Osborne told New Times. "Why? Because it was just a big, stupid thing to do, not unlike Evel Knievel. It gets people talking about us, and we're trying to sell a new record, so that's the point. It's something that's big and stupid, and we're perfect for that."

The Melvins took the stage, fittingly so, to Black Sabbath's "Sweet Leaf", a band they continue to be compared to for their heavy sound.

The Melvins opened the show with "Eye Flys", the opening track from old-school classic Gluey Porch Treatments. "Skin Horse" and "National Hamster" followed. "History of Drunks" was a crowd favorite, as was "Set Me Straight."

Although the performance left a bit to be desired, you certainly can't take anything these guys, who just released their 18th studio album Freak Puke, playing the Paul McCartney cover "Let Me Roll it" from the album. After "Electric Flower," bassist Trevor Dunn went on an excruciatingly long solo that included bits of the theme from Jaws and Judy Garland's "Over the Rainbow".

They finished the show with "Shevil". Buzz and the guys ducked off stage abruptly and the lights came on, signifying the end of the show and shutting out any chance of an encore performance.

It's because of this neck-breaking schedule that I'm willing to cut the 3-piece some slack. They definitely seemed a bit exhausted. The entire show ended rather abruptly, with no hint of an encore, and without even a thank you to the crowd. But as I said, I'm sure they are tired, and in a hurry to get where they're going.

Approximate Set List:

"Eye Flys" "Skin Horse" "National Hamsters" "History of Drunks" "Set Me Straight" "Let Me Roll it" "Electric Flower" "Shevil"

Critic's Notebook:

Last Night: Melvin's Lite with Tweakbird at Crescent Ballroom A World on Opening Band, Tweakbird: This two-piece alt-rock band smacked of early Jane's Addiction and it took me five-or-six songs before I found myself nodding along with them. Crowd: Rock 'n' roll enthusiasts. Overheard about Melvins Lite: "They're pretty good. But they're no Mother Love Bone."

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