Metal Health: A Second to Die

By Brendan Joel Kelley a%20second%20to%20die.jpgA Second to Die

If you haven't noticed, I've spent a lot of time discussing metal lately, both in its traditional and innovative forms. It's earned me the ire of some and the praise of others, and apparently broken up at least one band (that's unconfirmed, but I hear that Malo de Dentro split because the singer didn't like me making fun of his saying, 'fuck you if you don't support local music' and then splitting before any of the other bands played when I wrote this story).

Although I definitely prefer the underground, unorthodox forms of the genre, there's good stuff that leans more traditionally as well. I mention it because if that's your thing, you should pencil in a show at Chasers this coming Saturday, June 16. It features Pathetic, Fracture Point, Sanity in Death, A Second to Die, and In This Mind. The show's all ages, costs six bucks, and starts at 7 p.m. The promoter thoughtfully put together a CD sampler of the bands to pimp the show, and from what I've heard, it's all pretty solid. See for yourself:

Pathetic - "Agnostic Nostalgia"

A Second to Die - "With This"

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