Metal Mondays: The Most Metal Way to Paint a Wall

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By now most of you have seen the video from the Golden God Awards of Marilyn Manson (unfortunately sounding like shit) performing "Sweet Dreams" with Johnny Depp as a surprise guest. And while Depp is no stranger to playing rock guitarist -- he's on Manson's upcoming album, recorded guitars for both Oasis and Red Hot Chili Peppers, and was even in a band called 'P' with Ministry's Al Jourgensen -- I still thought it was a random occurrence. It was cool, but the collaboration didn't seem to rise anywhere near its actual potential.

To be honest, after seeing this one video from the Golden Gods that made its way into mainstream media, it mostly had me wondering about the style of certain musicians. Mainly because, well, seeing Johnny Depp's kick-ass leather cowboy hat reminded me that I wanted to get my boyfriend one, since he so generously let me borrow it for Halloween when I was The Devil's Rejects' Sheri Moon Zombie for three years in a row, before being lost forever in the depths of Country Thunder's twangtastic caverns.

First off, both Depp and Manson are categorized as a creepy, which always gets a heavy metal thumbs-up. And taking into consideration the drunk Peter Pan-type characters played by Depp and Manson's grotesque claims to fame, I bet their houses are siiiiick.

And as I began searching the Internet for said cowboy gear, googling such hat descriptions as "Vinnie Paul" and "Cowboys From Hell," I came across lots of photos of rock stars homes, giving a glimpse into their personal style and really only making me envy collections of snake skulls and crushed velvet walls.

For example, Manson's Hollywood home, built in the early 1900s by a silent movie director. Yeah. Cruise around his place with your goblet of absinthe, and expect to step over scattered Victorian prosthetic limbs, stuffed monkeys, and a skeleton of a four-year-old Chinese girl (allegedly). And who knew Depp is known for an Orient Express-meets-Parisian brothel style, with so many quirky vintage accessories you'd expect Bettie Page and a Captain Jack Sparrow to run out of the closet with antique bullwhips?

But unfortunately for most of us, indulging in thousands of dollars worth of kick-ass music, voodoo, cultural memorabilia isn't much of an option. There's gotta be some other less expensive way to make a room bad-ass, inspired by ruthless headbanging.

Then, I came across a video of these three Romanian metal fans giving home decorating a whirl with their long metal hair. Don't you wish you were that cool?

While it may not be super efficient, I'm sure Slayer would approve. Besides, paint brushes are overrated.

See the video below:

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