MGMT at Tempe Marketplace

By: Megan Irwin


Better than: Staying home and moping about Cat Power's cancelled performance.

I'll be honest. I only went to the MGMT show last night because Cat Power didn't wind up playing her show and because it was free. But I'm really glad I did. These guys are going to be really big someday, I think. (Rolling Stone agrees.)

I really had no expectations here, since I only knew one MGMT song and wasn't really planning on showing up. I will say, I get bored and distracted easily in large crowds and I payed attention their entire set. The high point was definitely their song "Electric Feel" which, somehow, reminded me of both Prince and Men at Work. My best friend calls it "sexy." I think she's right. Go listen to it now and tell me you don't feel like doing it.

The down side: Being smooshed on a patio with a million ASU students at San Felipe's Cantina at Tempe Marketplace was kind of like spring break but worse. And the opening band, Via Vengance, sounded like they belonged on the line-up of Warped Tour '98. Comes with the territory at a free show put on by The Edge, I guess.

Random Detail: San Felipe's Cantina makes a good margarita.

Personal Bias: I thought they were all total babes.

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Megan Irwin
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