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M.I.A. Forces "Born Free" Abomination on Letterman

Will the real Slim Shady please stand up? We get it, M.I.A. -- you're less than pleased with the recent claims that you are less than authentic. Maybe if your lead single didn't just plain suck like "Born Free" does, then maybe people would back off a bit. 

At least there was something visually interesting going on to distract us from the aural atrocity that is "Born Free." Having Martin Rev himself join you on stage couldn't hide the fact that the song just isn't that good -- and these are M.I.A.'s own strict standards, ones she created with her previous two albums, that we hold it up against, not anyone or anything else. No one's ever said M.I.A. wasn't a visually provocative and innovative performer. Unfortunately, with the release of her newest album and its awful lead single, M.I.A.'s talents as a musician and singer might just come under some scrutiny.

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Michael Lopez