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Miami Horror: Illumination

In lieu of this glaring lack of new music for today, I present to you one of my personal sleeper/dark horse albums of 2010, Illumination by Melbourne-based electronic outfit Miami Horror. Think Daft Punk's Discovery or Justice's -- Illumination is along the lines an electronic music album that has a definite techno vibe to it. There are vocals on almost every song -- Alan "Neon Indian" Palomo lends his on "Holidays" -- and the album has that 2000-2001 era feel to it. Miami Horror is a band -- owing everything to its mastermind Ben Plant and his meticulously crafted disco-driven songs -- which has managed to make a record that coalesces into a frantic, fantastically cohesive mix.

What the (mainly Australian) critics are saying:

Frantik Mag: "Taking cues from the latest batch of electro-pop groups to burst out of the scene, Miami Horror takes a stab at an old formula and injects their own brand of discotheque to the mix."

In The Mix: "That's not to say that Miami Horror have foregone their dance roots though. Even if they're now rocking guitars the band just can't seem but make some incessantly danceable tracks."

The Vine: "A bit of a marathon at 14 fairly long songs, Illumination leisurely ticks a handful of boxes: a couple of spacey instrumentals, cameos from Neon Indian's Alan Palomo, hazy segues, breezily evocative song titles, and some percolating disco workouts."

The Music Network: "Plant has succeeded in getting his concept across; it's a summer party backdrop with heavy house basslines, a mixture of light and dark whilst maintaining commercial accessibility."

Illumination is out now via Virgin UK.

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Michael Lopez