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Mic Devious

Mathematicians believe there's a formula for everything. Apparently, Mic Devious does, too. The Phoenix-based MC's rhymes aren't bad, but his song themes (how he's the best MC and everybody else sucks, how he's bangin' the bomb-ass betties and don't give a fuck about them beeyotches, how his dad abandoned him and he hates the motherfucker, not to mention his gratuitous use of the word "fag") could be ripped right from the pages of A White Boy's Guide to Appropriating Eminem in Hip-Hop Culture. But Devious doesn't have Dre at the wheels, and he doesn't have the real Slim Shady's snarky, shit-disturbing wit. What Mic Devious does have is a great, ambiguous voice, slick production, tight rhyme schemes, and room to grow conceptually. Still, hooks like "This is real hip-hop/Holla if ya want some!" come off like string cheese, and his "props-to-myself" thing quickly gets old. See, Mic Devious wants you to know his name so badly that he announces it at the beginning of damn near every track. After the fourth time he says, "Yo, it's Mic Devious!" he starts sounding less like an MC and more like one of those dudes you just wish would lose your cell phone number.
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