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Micachu & The Shapes to Play the Rhythm Room

In my newest edition of "Holy Crap I Can't Believe They Are Playing in Phoenix," British wunderkind and pop genius Mica Levi will bring her fantastic pop music to The Valley this September. Levi, who with bandmates Marc Pell and Raisa Khan make up Micachu & The Shapes, has produced one of the year's finest albums -- my absolute favorite album this year, if you so happen to be keeping track. It pleases me to know that Chairlift will be taking them on tour -- yet it pleases me to an even greater extent to know that they will be making a stop at The Rhythm Room in September. I won't lie: this late Summer/early Fall is going to be one for the books as far as live music in The Valley is concerned. Having Micachu & The Shapes, a decidedly British band, come to town only solidifies this.

Chairlift and Micachu & The Shapes are slated to play Phoenix's The Rhythm Room Monday, September 14. It's an unassuming Monday night gig, but it is sure to be a memorable one. Levi employs the use of unconventional instruments -- such as toy guitars and the vacuum -- in producing her sound, and reports of her live shows are that of splendor and joy.

By all accounts, I am way too far in the forrest to see the trees when it comes to Micachu, but far be it from me to give her some praise and to let other Valley music fans know that she will be coming through town.

As I stated earlier, it's a small piece of the puzzle that will form one, giant live music calendar for The Valley in the upcoming months. Plenty of great bands will be coming through, and we will be sure to let you know about those shows that warrant serious consideration of attending. For now, I am just beyond pleased that such a unique and innovative band like Micachu & The Shapes are gracious enough to grace The Valley with their presence. 

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Michael Lopez