Michael Jackson Family Reality Show, Ida Maria's Boston Freakout, Kanye West Photoshop Craze

Electric Mustache: Listen To Electric Mustache On BreakThru Radio
Idolator: I Knew That Having Ida Maria On The Perez Hilton Tour Would Be A Bad Idea
NME: Jackson family reality TV show on the way
NME: Bon Jovi joins ex-Nirvana members in condemning Guitar Hero over Kurt Cobain
Pitchfork: Devo Reissue Classic Early Albums, Play Them Live on Fall Tour
Pitchfork: Massive New Smashing Pumpkins Undertaking: 44 Songs, All for Free
Spin: WATCH: Flaming Lips Play New Song on 'Colbert Report'
Heard Mentality: Kanye West Photoshop Craze in Full Effect


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