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Michael Jackson Homicide: We Told You So

The Los Angeles County coroner's ruled Michael Jackson's death a homicide, according to the Associated Press.

Officials say a fatal combination of drugs was given to Jackson hours before he died at his rented mansion; he was apparently poisoned by an interaction between the powerful anesthetic propofol and two sedatives.

Dr. Conrad Murray, a cardiologist who attended to Jacko in the weeks before his death, is the target of an LAPD investigation, authorities say.

Can Phoenix New Times get some credit, please? We told you all about how a "doctor" was involved in killing the King of Pop in a "spoof" that ran way back in June.

Turns out it wasn't such a joke that a "doctor" was responsible for Jacko's demise, now was it?

Don't hold it against us that the cops are talking about a different doctor, and that the rest of what we wrote in our satire is complete malarkey.

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Martin Cizmar
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