Mickey Avalon Works it Like Fonda

By Joe Golfen

Mickey Avalon is shirtless beneath the Arizona sun, finishing his set with the hit song “Jane Fonda” and “My Dick.” Avalon sounds surprisingly tight for a hip-hop group playing outside at noon and he’s managing to get the growing crowd waving their arms and singing along. The girls have been especially enthusiastic, and Avalon’s been showing them the same kind of love. Literately. He’s came down off the stage a few times and spent some instrumental breaks making out with some of his best fans.

There have been some missteps along the way. Avalon’s DJ stopped a couple of songs midway through, making the beats cut out while the Mickey kept rhyming.

“You do this every fucking night man,” Mickey shouted at his DJ. “Sorry folks, were no good ‘til the sun goes down.”

Despite the technical difficulty, which culminated with Avalon pulling the power cord to the DJ booth mid-scratch, Avalon put on a solid show and really managed to get the Edgefest up and going strong….. at, what, 11:30 a.m.?

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