Mickey's Hangover Returning In June As Just The Hangover

Attention Scottsdale cougars, club goers, and other creatures of the night: Your after-hours options are about to improve, thanks to the impending return of an old friend.

Less than a year after exiting the Old Town scene, late-night favorite Mickey's Hangover is making a comeback, albeit with different proprietors, a whole new look, and a slightly different name.

Its new owners are slipping out the "Mickey's" part and will instead call the spot "The Hangover". That's not the only change in store for the popular bar/restaurant, which was where many a drunkard in the 'Dale stopped over at after other clubs closed to soak up the excess alcohol with bad-for-you grub.

Unfortunately, Mickey's went belly up last summer after six years due to some major drama over unpaid rent and other issues. I'd heard a few rumors that it would be returning in some fashion, and by sheer happenstance, I ran into marketing director Jason Torres last night outside the establishment.

Not only did he tell me about how the new owners are hoping to be open by mid-June, Torres also dropped some other details about the place.

"It's going to be like the old Mickey's, but on steroids," he says. "We'll be doing same thing they used to do there, only better."

First off, the new-and-improved Hangover will stay open until 4 a.m., and it'll have a whole new vibe, courtesy of local interior designer Jeff Low (whose resume includes conjuring the decor of Old Town spots American Junkie and Dirty Pretty, as well as WHIP Lounge in Tempe). This "complete remodeling" will also include private seating and a DJ booth. Other than that, its M.O. will remain the same: a destination spot for scenesters both before and after they head for other clubs.

And while it might be called The Hangover, Torres says it ain't an attempt to latch onto the success of the blockbuster comedy flick of the same name. So don't expect to see any bartenders dressed as Zach Galifianakis and serving drinks while holding little Carlos in a baby sling.

Although it would be kinda rad if the owners brought in some tigers or even notorious Scottsdale resident Mike Tyson for the grand opening party.

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