Miike Snow, MarchFourth Marching Band, Disco, Whipped Cream Swimwear Affair, and First Friday Over the Weekend

Miike Snow at The Clubhouse Miike Snow which is currently on tour in support of its self-titled debut album showed up Saturday night at a sold-out Clubhouse in Tempe. While the temperatures outside the Clubhouse were pretty bad it was nothing compared to the heat inside. Amazingly, the members of Miike Snow took the stage one by one all wearing black outfits and matching white masks...full story

See: Miike Snow In Photos

MarchFourth Marching Band at The Sail Inn All hell breaks loose when a full-on gypsy marching band descends upon a music venue. Anyone who would question that clearly wasn't at Sail Inn on Saturday, June 5. If they had, they would have seen the MarchFourth Marching Band tear up the stage (and the venue) with their brass antics...see photos

First Friday: June 2010 Meditating visitors, capoeira, and more art than you can shake a spray paint can at; First Friday returned on June 4, 2010...see photos

Whipped Cream Swimwear Affair at Cream Stereo Lounge There was plenty sweet and sticky fun going on inside the Old Town Scottsdale nightspot on Thursday, June 3, where a variety of lovely lasses grappled in a kiddie-sized swimming pool filled with gooey substance for cash prizes. What's not to love?...see photos

Opening Weekend at Disco Scottsdale Dozens of dudes and divas got a serious case of disco fever as they turned out for the grand opening of Old Town Scottsdale's newest danceteria on Saturday, June 5. The 8,000-square-foot nightspot features an ginormous interactive LED dance floor that's totally fly, as well as a high-tech sound system and a few of the requisite disco balls...see photos

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