Miley Cyrus' Vajayjay Can't Tame Perez Hilton

Everyone breathe a collective sigh of relief: Perez Hilton isn't going anywhere.

Or maybe you want to bash your head in a wall. Regardless, the pink-loving celebrity blogger got himself in quite the predicament this week after he posted a picture of the new Britney Spears, aka Miley Cyrus, on his website. The problem? The photo showed Cyrus' private regions in a "Is she wearing underwear or not?" type way.

Normally, that wouldn't be a problem for Hilton, who often posts pictures containing nudity (which are only shown by clicking on jumps for uncensored photos.) The big deal about Cyrus, though, is that she's only 17, and the photo could be considered child pornography.

Hilton, who removed the photo promptly after bad buzz started brewing, posted a pretty hilarious (or grating, depending on how you see him) video of himself defending the post, claiming Cyrus isn't stupid enough to go out in public without underwear on (we beg to differ), and he's not stupid enough to post something that could land him in jail.

Cyrus called Hilton an idiot on Ryan Seacrest's radio show but has no plans to press charges against the blogger. So the teen-taunting and celeb-bashing will go on.

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