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Miniature Tigers Come to Rhythm Room for 'Fortress' Release Show More Confident than Ever

It doesn't matter the band got up out of the Valley and moved to New York last year--the Miniature Tigers were welcomed back into Phoenix with open arms, as they celebrated the release of their sophomore album, Fortress, at Rhythm Room with a sold-out crowd.

The energy seemed positive, as the crowd sang along loudly with singer Charlie Brand and danced throughout the night, packing the all-ages side in an effort to get closer to the band. The group played a mix of songs from the new album and their debut, Tell It to the Volcano, and the fans grooved along to both old and new with vigor. Maybe it was the music, maybe it was the person in the giant bear costume dancing on-stage throughout the set.

Here are some mini-reviews, including one from Brand himself, of the show, which included performances by Kinch and The Spinto Band, uploaded to Twitter for your viewing pleasure.

@charliebrand- So many people at the rhythm room! I'm feeling the love tonight! What a great vibe!

@alexcardwell- Best Miniature Tigers show ever.

@davidblakeman- I went to the Miniature Tigers show at the Rhythm Room tonight. Second impression: I'm WAY into them.

@Terribul- Not feeling well. But the miniature tigers show was a success go out and get #fortress today!

@goodfellasmerch- kinch + miniature tigers + great weather = amazing night of music and fun!!

@ahhday- The Kinch boys are jamming out right now. Really superb band!

@lizzyizzzy- @kinch was the band we discovered tonight. So good, check 'em out! I admit, I thought their name was Kitsch- like kitschy- at first...

@JessSotelo- It was too much fun! Spinto Band is amazing and Mini Ts were awesome as usual. New album rules!

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