Minibosses, Birds Nest, Via Vengeance, A Storm of Light, and the Musical Instrument Museum Over the Weekend

Minibosses 10th Anniversary Show at Yucca Tap Room It's official. The Minibosses have been rockin' covers of 8-bit tracks for a decade. To celebrate, the band played a full on set of their classic game renditions at Yucca Tap Room on February 27, 2010...see photos

A Storm of Light & Via Vengeance at the Underground Maybe it was due to the fact that the stiffest drink at the bar was a can of Mountain Dew, but most of the people in attendance at the Venue Formerly Known As The Nile Basement™ reacted to the night's entertainment with polite applause and a smattering of halfhearted "woo"s...full story

Musical Instrument Museum: A Band Geek's Paradise The new Musical Instrument Museum, a 190,000-square foot space at Tatum and Mayo, near where the 51 and 101 intersect, is set to open on April 24. Pop music talismans like John Lennon's famous white piano and one of Eric Clapton's guitars will be on loan to the museum for a while, but the real focus of the museum is world music, embodied by more than 12,000 instruments from around the globe, as I saw when touring the space with other members of the media Friday...full story

The Bird's Nest at the Waste Management Open Turns out there was a lot more going on at the Waste Management Open than just golf. And by a lot more going on we mean heavy drinking. If you were partying down at The Bird's Nest, chances are good you landed in this slide show...see photos

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