Spent the last week or so immersing myself in the 8-piece live hip-hop/jazz project known as

Antedote the Neato Project

. If you're not familiar, you ought to be (you can read more about it in the 2/1 issue of New Times). These eight musicians kick out soulful, intricate hip-hop with two MC's and two female vocalists, heavy on the vibe and easy on the ears. Check it:

In other news, I just heard that Mike Busse (the rapper from Chronic Future) is playing a show with Back Ted N Ted, Ryan Breen's glitchy laptop-rockin' project, on February 2nd, so mark your calendars. It's a First Friday throwdown, and it's free; at the Laughing Giraffe at 1023 Grand Avenue. The show starts early, around 7:30 or 8, and they'll be selling off the remaining copies of "This and That," the latest recording from these guys. Don't miss it...


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