Mo' Blunted

I've said it many times before, but I'm compelled to continue preaching that the Blunt Club is the best club night ever in town for real underground hip-hop. DumperFoo and his homeys keep proving it, week after week. Rather than dropping some names every week I figured I'd give y'all a heads up about a few exceptional lineups coming to the Thursday night getdown at Hollywood Alley. Tomorrow night, 1/25, Minneapolis-based P.O.S. from Slug's Rhymesayers collective is the headliner; if you don't know, he's a former punk rocker who retains that aesthetic in his raps, calling his music "rap to skateboard to." The week afterwards, on 2/2, locals DJ Smite and Johnny D are bringing the rare funk, soul and breaks, much of it courtesy of Johnny D's unmatched record collection. If you've never seen Johnny D, aka John Dixon, Arizona's Music Historian, drop the funk 7"s before, it's well past time. Get your ass down there and learn yourself a thing or two. A bit further down the road, but worth marking the calendar for on March 8, is Rob Swift of the legendary turntable crew the X-ecutioners is hitting the Blunt, and debuting his new film "As the Tables Turn," which features the X-Men, QBert, Shortkut, Mix Master Mike, and more luminaries of turntablism. Be there.

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