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Mobb Deep and Dean's List Shows at Clubhouse Music Venue Canceled in Wake of Recent Shooting

The gang-related shooting outside of the Clubhouse in Tempe last Friday continues to make waves in the local music scene as venue management has announced the cancellations of this weekend's performances by NYC hip-hop duo Mobb Deep and Boston rap trio The Dean's List.

California-based hip-hop promoter Sean Healy Presents, who was putting on both gigs and posted news about the cancellations on its Facebook page yesterday, confirmed to New Times via e-mail that the plug was pulled because of last weekend's tragic shootings that injured 15 people. 

Members of the Clubhouse management also informed New Times last night that they cancelled both hip-hop shows as a direct result of the shooting, which took place in the venue's parking lot prior to a scheduled performance by West Coast rapper Nipsey Hussle. They declined to comment further on either the cancellation or the events of last weekend, citing the ongoing investigation into the venue by the Tempe Police Department and city officials. (An appearance by white-boy hip-hop artist Asher Roth is still scheduled to take place on Saturday, March 17, at the Clubhouse.)

Its worth noting that neither Mobb Deep or The Dean's List claim any gang affiliation whatsoever, unlike Hussle, who's openly stated his membership in LA's Rolling Sixty Crips. Two of the three suspects involved with last weekend's shootout, who remain at large as of this writing, were reportedly members of a Phoenix faction of the Vista Bloods.

Apparently, the Clubhouse's management isn't taking any chances. They're also apparently beefing up security for every concert here on out, as evidenced by the fact there were twice as many dudes sporting black "security" t-shirts at last night's Lagwagon/Cobra Skulls gig than is usually seen at the venue. (A couple of Tempe Police Department vehicles were also present in the parking lot.) They were also extensively patting down every single patron passing through the doors, even if they'd stepped outside for a smoke.

Much like you have to endure body scans before boarding an airplane after 9/11, such are realities of attending show at the Clubhouse after the tragedy of last weekend.

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