Modified Arts Hosts Shane Kennedy's Improvisational Act, Towncraft, Tonight

It's easy for the music scene to forget that Modified Arts is not, in fact, now a Waffle House. It is, last I heard, an art gallery, presumably filled with art. And, from time to time, with a little experimental-leaning music.

Shane Kennedy's project Towncraft certainly qualifies. It's improvised instrumental "Americanoir" that willfully defies categorization but has a lot of twang and a structure-less jazzy jam thang going. The participants (Kennedy, the longtime Bikini Lounge DJ, demands they not be called "members") for this gig are Michael Krassner, Jay Hufman, Robin Vining, Megyn Neff, and Dario Miranda,

You can check out a couple tracks from their last happening below. Definitely scattered, smothered, covered, and peppered, if not chunked, capped or diced.

Doors are at 7:30, the cost is $10.

TownCraft w/ Michael Krassner, Live at ModifiedArts January 2010 by ShaneWilliamKennedy

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