Monster Commute launch party at Red Hot Robot

By Jonathan McNamara

Daniel M. Davis and his family enjoy a three hour commute across the busy Arizona highways each traffic-battling day after car crash-avoiding day.

It's enough to make you go crazy or in Davis' case, start a Web comic.

Daniel M. Davis

Monster Commute chronicles the misadventures of characters Beastio and Chadworth Machine as they journey down the "Hellway." Beastio, Davis describes, is an innocent red devil. He endeavors to see things on the better side of life, but is actually sad and insecure. And as for Chadworth Machine?

"He's a robot from the distant past," Davis said.

See more shots from the launch party in our Monster Commute slideshow.

During the comic's launch party at Red Hot Robot on Camelback this weekend, Davis demonstrated how we plans to produce this comic for the exhausting Monday through Friday schedule he has set up for himself. Using Adobe Illustrator, Davis is able to assemble his comics by plugging in pre-drawn faces, terrain and objects not unlike the cut and paste techniques used to bring South Park to life.

For Davis the creation of the comic came from combining all of the things he loves most including monsters, 1984 sorts of evil governments, robotic crows and steam punk.

"I don't love traffic," he said, "but I am passionate about it."

To read Monster Commute, visit www.steamcrow.com.

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