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Monsters Are Waiting

Annalee Fery has the perfect voice to get across the brooding indie pop she and her bandmates in Monsters Are Waiting traffic in for much of their album Fascination — just blasé enough to bring some much-appreciated Debbie Harry to the mix without suggesting that she doesn't really mean it when she pouts "My world came crashing down/I had to break" or "I'm a nobody." Of course, she also has the perfect look. But trust us when we say that's not the only reason to take in a Monsters Are Waiting performance. Fascination is a promising debut that's equally at home with moody New Wave ballads and edgier post-punk tracks. And while detached is clearly Fery's calling card, she's not afraid to go for quirky, either, from those spunky little squeals that punctuate the title track to the exasperated, helium-huffing monologue that drops in out of nowhere on "Don't Go," a jagged little jewel that could pass for an outtake from Elastica's first album.
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Ed Masley