Monsters of Folk Mural Pops Up

If you've driven by Eye Lounge at Roosevelt and 4th Street lately you maybe have noticed this cool mural promoting the upcoming Monsters of Folk show at The Orpheum. Turns out local promoter Charlie Levy (the man behind Stateside Presents, which, if you've seen our Best Of Phoenix issue, put on both the best big show and the best little show of last year) commissioned the piece, which was painted by Tucson artist Joe Pagac. Here's what Charlie had to say about it:

"The Monsters of Folk tour is the biggest indie tour in years and it is only playing in 16 US cities. Phoenix was not one of the original tour stops, but after a lot of pleading and nagging we got a date. I was thinking about some out of the box promotions to help spread the word. The promoter in New York paid for a billboard next the the Brooklyn Bridge and I wanted to try something similar. The problem is I don't have enough money to pay for a "real" billboard. The good folks at Eye Lounge agreed to let me use their wall on Roosevelt for a couple tickets, so I called my artist friend Joe Pagac and coerced him into painting something. It was a no-brainer to have Joe paint the mural during 1st Friday. All night long, I kept getting texts and emails from friends who saw it going up. When I took a look the finished mural, I was floored by the work Joe did. It's better than a commercial billboard any day. If I can find more wall space, I would love to do it again for other shows."

Murals we'd like to see for upcoming Stateside Presents shows include:

  • Wavves: A dog in sunglasses, of course.
  • Peaches: Something truly profane. Or maybe just a pink vibrator and some lyrics to the Canadian rap grrl's song "Fuck The Pain Away."
  • MC Chris: A Wookie playing Tetris on a gameboy.
  • The King Khan & BBQ Show: A bunch of people being overly impressed by an awkwardly-dressed clown.

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