Bob and Alan Clark are Eye Talk... disgusting

Morning Sickness

In case you can't tell by their glowing, serene faces, local brothers Bob and Alan Clark make some absolutely repulsive light pop/adult contemporary songs that ought to be used to torture Gitmo detainees. Consider this post a warning - once their group, snazzily named Eye Talk, releases its latest album

Sun and Moon

, you might have to suffer through this coming out your mom's stereo, so get her some good CDs for Christmas if you're smart (the first single, "I Can't Fool Myself," hits adult contemporary radio in just a couple of weeks). Ordinarily I wouldn't encourage you to get all masochistic and actually listen to this, but then again, you should know your enemy. And these guys are enemies of all that's good about music - this type of crap is why rock 'n roll was invented. So listen up...

"Stop Pretending":

"Do You Feel It?":


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