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Morrissey Postpones Marquee Theatre Show...Again

Hey, Morrissey fans, you weren't, like, really looking forward to the legendarily dour British indie icon performing on Sunday, February 10, at the Marquee Theatre in Tempe, were you?

Because we're bummed to report that Moz has rescheduled his date AGAIN, following a postponement in November 2012.

According to the folks at Luckyman Online, the doc told Morrissey he'd have to sit out a couple more dates (earlier stops were postponed last week):

Due to doctor's orders, the upcoming engagements with MORRISSEY in Las Vegas on Sat Feb 9 and in Phoenix on Sun Feb 10 will need to be rescheduled. MORRISSEY is currently undergoing treatment for a bleeding ulcer and Barrett's esophagus. These shows are in the process of being rescheduled immediately and all patrons are encouraged to hold on to their tickets as the new dates will be announced within the coming days. MORRISSEY thanks everyone concerned for their well wishes during this time and hopes for a speedy recovery. The tour will resume as scheduled in El Paso at Tricky Falls on Feb 12.

Far be it to make jokes about a poor dude with a bleeding ulcer (joke like, say, "heaven knows he's miserable now"), so we're going to take the high road here and wish Moz a quick mend, and dutifully promise to inform you readers as soon as we know the new date, when a no doubt sold-out crowd will finally be able to shower the singer with praise and give him a lot of money.

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