Mos Def: White people love this guy.
Mos Def: White people love this guy.

Mos Def Joins The Sound Strike Boycott

Mos Def, the Hollywood actor who you may remember was once a respected rapper, has joined Zack de la Rocha's Sound Strike.

Yes, #69 on the official list of Stuff White People Like, will not be bringing his enlightened rhymes to Arizona because of SB 1070, a stupid anti-immigrant law which thankfully never went into effect.

Where this leaves White People in the state of Arizona, it's hard to say.

Learned counsel has suggested white folks always list the man the government knows as Dante Terrell Smith as their favorite musician:

"If you find yourself in a social situation where you are asked to list your favorite actor or artist, you should always say Mos Def. This way you can name someone that everyone has heard of and you don't look like you are trying to one up anybody. The only possible negative consequence is some white people might think 'I wish I had said that first.'"

Now, saying that in Arizona would be a little more controversial since, ya know, Mos is refusing to perform his music in our state. What's a well-meaning fan of socially-conscious hip-hop and/or scoring points with peers to do?

It's quite a conundrum, indeed.

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