Motel 6 Offers Free Rooms to Touring Bands, Alice Cooper Trash Talks Preppy Indie Dudes, T-Pain Releases iPhone App

Idolator: Jay-Z Takes Control Of The Board (Room)
Idolator: Golf-Playing Rocker Laments Preppy Indie Dudes' Lack Of Balls
NME: Ex-Rolling Stones' Bill Wyman slams 'Guitar Hero' And 'Rock Star' games
Pitchfork: Want to Sound Just Like T-Pain? There's an App for That
Rolling Stone: What Made "Braid" a Punk-Rock Video Game? A Look Back at the Innovative Title
Spin: 20 Best Summer Songs of 2009
Sound of the City: This Is An Actual Blog-Post Title: "Twitter Trending Topic #uknowhowiknowuregay Provides Unreliable Tips for Identifying Homosexuals"
Heard Mentality: Motel 6 and Maybe Your Band


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