Mp3s That Will Get You High? Let's Try I-dosing

The interwebs is aflutter with talk of "digital drugs" today after Gizmodo found a hilarious video from a newscast where outraged Okie worry their children are getting high with the help of special tonal Mp3s that alter brainwaves to induce a state of narcotic-like ecstacy.

It's a gateway, they claim. It's dangerous and scary, they claim. They're idiots, obviously.

I actually read about binaural beats in Get High Now last year and didn't get any effect but here are a few you can try. Please let us know if you get any sort of intoxicating effect whatsoever so we can switch this to a paysite.

Alpha - Theta BN by Binaural Reality

Icelandic Volcano Eyjafjallajökull run off: Seljalandsfoss Waterfall by BinauralAirwaves

Binaural Dreams by Rinku Kokiri

Elevator to Escalator (Binaural recording) by surround2011

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