Mr. Meeble Releases Nostalgic for Now

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For glitch dance duo Mr. Meeble, music and visual effects go hand in hand. The duo's latest music video for "Star Power" features the visually stunning "ghost portal" and many of the effects that make the Meeble live show, in frontman Devin Fleenor's own words, "a beast to pull off."

"Star Power" is the first single from Mr. Meeble's new EP, Nostalgic for Now, which hit the web today via Amazon and iTunes. The songs find Fleenor in a happier mental place than that of his last record, Never Trust the Chinese. But don't expect cheery, upbeat songs. This is classic Meeble -- dark, ambient, and driven.

We conducted an email Q&A with Fleenor to discuss the new album. Check it out and watch the "Star Power" video after the jump.

Up on the Sun: What inspired the Nostalgic for Now EP?

Devin Fleenor: This bizarre life, the European tour, being in love . . .

Does the album title have to do with being in a better place than you were during Never Trust the Chinese?

Absolutely. That, and it hints at the philosophy of living in the present -- the right now.

Your first album was released three years ago. Were you developing these new songs over that span of time?

Some of them, yes. We seem to take forever to cultivate and perfect our material. It's like slow motion. Oh, well.

You finished the EP during your European tour last year. How did the setting influence the end result?

I don't know how it affected it, except that everything affects everything. I have learned a lot about life in the last year.

Why did you include remixes on the new EP?

I only like remixes that stand on their own two feet. These aren't your typical dragged-out recycled dance mixes.

Tell me about the recording process of the "Star Power" music video. It has similar effects to those used at your Crescent Ballroom show. Is this a concept you've been developing for a while?

Wow. Not sure where to start. Yes, everything in the "Star Power" video will translate into our future live shows. Hold on . . . It's time to raise the bar again.

When and where is your next show? Why do you usually perform in Phoenix about once a year?

We're booked to do a show on November 23 (Black Friday) at Crescent Ballroom. Why? Well, because our shows always become a spectacle. They are a beast to pull off. That, and I don't have a local drummer anymore. We're having to fly in a drummer from Italy for the show. Go figure.

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