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Mr. Miranda and Hexsagon Blend Electro, Funk, and Hip-Hop with New Release

Chances are some of you slackers are sleeping off a wicked hangover caused no doubt by an overkill of sweetened Halloween libations and tiny boxes of Nerds candy.

If I'm striking a chord, some of you are going to be looking for a remedy to cure your dehydrated bodies. Instead of tangling with the, "hair of the dog that bit you," we're going to prescribe two to three turns of Mr. Miranda's and Hexsagon's new funk-fused downtempo single, "Down." The locally-based emcee and beat maker have hooked up for a new project called the H & M EP which is set to drop at the end of the year.

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Miranda showed his partiality for the funk in August when he released The Super Freak Tape in honor of the late-great Rick James, but now he's ready to explore new ground with the help of Hexs.

"This entire project consists of original production, no samples, and is a nice step into the electro/funk world with a taste of hip-hop," Miranda says in an email.

It's a super chill vibe that's got us excited to hear the rest of the project. So if you need something to get you through the pounding headache or just a grooving beat to get you through the rest of the week, this track should be on repeat today.

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