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MSTRKRFT, and John Digweed

John Digweed: Spinning Transitions
John Digweed: Spinning Transitions
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MSTRKRFT's "Easy Love" video will get you fired if you watch it online while you're at work. Nobody in the video has sex, and, unfortunately, there's no nudity, but the vowel-shunning Canadian production duo churns out a heavily disco-influenced, grimy electro sound while squirming women in examination chairs are doused with strawberry milkshakes. "Easy Love" is one of the glitzy, synth-ridden dancefloor cuts on MSTRKRFT's The Looks, their 2006 debut LP. The fact that they're now alongside John Digweed for the Diamonds 07 Tour makes far more sense than throwing milkshakes on comely lasses, or filming said thrown milkshakes. Dance music DJ/producer Digweed is best known for his critically acclaimed mixes and residencies with another lauded UK artist, Sasha. Thrive just released Digweed's Transitions Vol. 2 mix, and like its predecessor, it boils over with spirited melodies and sharply panned atmospherics. Digweed includes Antena's "Camino Del Sol (Joakim Remix)" on Transitions Vol. 2, and its fuzzy synths don't merely couple well with the glistening, watery sonics from Guy Gerber that follow — they're blended with great care, as if slowly mixed into thick strawberry milkshakes.
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