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Whether it's straight-ahead rock, burning jazz, or experimental electronic fusion, we can get behind any project involving pianist Jacob Koller, percussionist Corey Fogel, and bassist Andrew Jones. When the three decide to gig together, they become an unstoppable force. Though their debut studio release features substitute bassist Chris Finet (not a second-rate player by any means), Koller's eight contemporary compositions still retain every shade and hue. "Nello" is the album's most varied tune, where the trio goes from smooth to staccato rhythmic changes that are augmented with seamless tempo shifts, a rock-doused breakdown, and Fogel's killer drum fills. Koller jumpstarts "Hid Arite" with a stripped-down piano phrase, which Fogel adds to by playing found object noisemakers ranging from the scratchy to the tinny and something that sounds like a hand rubbing an inflated balloon. Jazz freaks will gravitate toward this disc because of its complex interplay, while rock heads will dig the energetic repetition birthed from Western classical sensibilities. A highly recommended album.
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