Music Videos Beavis & Butt-Head Should See

Beavis & Butt-Head makes its triumphant return to MTV on Thursday, October 27 at 10/9c, and quite frankly, we can't wait. This preview of "Holy Cornholio" looks promising, but one thing is missing--music videos! Half the fun of watching Beavis & Butt-Head was listening to the duo's commentary on popular music. Supposedly, Beavis & Butt-Head's return won't include music videos, so we came up of a list of videos from 1998 (one year after the show went off the air), to now that we think the boys should watch.

1998: Savage Garden- Truly Madly Deeply - Did Darren Hayes wear that jacket when he entered The Matrix? - You better run, he's stalking you. - "Hey, Butt-Head, you should grow sideburns like that." "Shut up, butt munch." - Do girls really fall for crap like this? - This video would be better if it had that chick from Run, Lola, Run.

1999: Goo Goo Dolls- Iris - "Hey, Butt-Head, that guy totally humped that telescope. Boingoingoingoing." "I bet he uses that to look at chicks." - Obligatory commentary on Nicolas Cage's bad movies. - You shouldn't play in the middle of the street, you could like, get hit by a car or something. - John Rzeznik's voice is cracking. Did he finally start puberty? - How the hell do you pronounce his last name, anyway? It's not nearly as cool as Trent Reznor's name.

2000: Creed- Higher - Hasn't that guy been arrested a bunch of times? Yeah, he made a sex tape with Kid Rock. - If he shaved his chest, Scott Stapp would look like a girl. What a wuss. - Hey look, it's the groupie from the Kid Rock sex tape! - I think he has something stuck in his throat. What do you mean that's how he really sings?

2001: Christina Aguilera, Lil' Kim, Mya, Pink, and Missy Elliott- Lady Marmalade -Marry, fuck, kill: uhh wait, there's four of them. Oh, Missy Elliot makes five. -"Hey, Butt-Head, look where she just touched herself! She did it again!" -That guy from Twisted Sister sings like a girl.

2002: Nelly- Hot in Here -Why does his sweatband keep moving? Is this, like, the official Nelly workout video? -What happened to his face? -Is this the new Friday the 13th movie? -Any shot of a girl gets a "boingoingoingoing."

2003: Outkast- Roses -You know what else smells like poo poo? My butt. -Yeah, don't throw papers, you fart knockers! That lady is old... -Is Andre 3000 gonna bust out with some Greased Lightning? -This school looks way cooler than Lawndale.

2004: Kelis- Milkshake -My bunghole brings all the boys to the yard... -Grinding against the counter is unsanitary. -I wonder if she serves shamrock shakes? -All they serve is milkshakes, ass-shaped bread, and eggs? Drunk people must love going there.

2005: Gwen Stefani- Luxurious -Isn't she ripping off an Isley Brothers song? -So, laying on the floor and painting your nails makes you rich. -"We should get grills so we can hang out with Gwen Stefani," "No, we should just tell her to get No Doubt back together." -Shouldn't gold watches fall out of those piñatas?

2006: Dragonforce- Through The Fire and Flames -Is that guy like, Dio's son or something? -Guys stare in awe at crazy guitar then later rock out. End of story.

2007: Rihanna ft. Jay-Z- Umbrella -Not pictured: Jay-Z getting burned by the sparks. -So, can I hire Rihanna to bring me an umbrella any time it rains? -Is this an homage to that one video with the dude standing there naked? -Sparks make water...we should really pay more attention in science class.

2008: Katy Perry- I Kissed a Girl -The boys have nothing to say other than, "Come to Butt-Head/This is the greatest video I have ever seen."

2009: Lady Gaga- Bad Romance -Why is Madonna dressed like Bart Simpson? -If she wants a bad romance so bad, why doesn't she just watch Twilight? -Lots of looks of combined disgust and confusion.

2010: Insane Clown Posse- Miracles -Aren't these guys supposed to be gigolos or something? -So, this is what the weird kids at the mall listen to? -Fucking rainbows, man. -You know what else is a miracle? Drive-thrus.

2011: Kanye West- Monster -We need to interrupt Taylor Swift so we can get groped by a bunch of chicks. -"Oops, I gave them too many drugs." -Pharaohs don't seem like they'd be very good in bed. -Is Jay-Z just randomly listing off names of monsters? What about chupacabras? -Hey, it's that chick whose name is a play off the Spanish word for threesome.

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