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Must-Read Best Coast Feature from LA Weekly

Last week Phoenix New Times ran a big ol' story on Best Coast in our print edition. We were topped by our sister paper in LA that same day, however.

Gustavo Turner, the Weekly's music editor, had a 6,000-word cover story on the band's main lady Bethany Cosentino which might just go down as one of the definitive articles about LA's burgeoning lo-fi scene.

He sums up the surprising thing about the attention the Best Coast record has gotten -- she was recently named the fourth-coolest person in the world by British music mag NME -- right up top:

What makes all of this sudden attention so strange is that Crazy for You is really a little L.A. album with an uncomplicated, slightly retro sound and very simple lyrics, and Cosentino herself is just a girl who lives in a normal Eagle Rock 20-something pad, who until not that long ago was selling soap at Lush and figuring out if dropping out of college and moving back home had been such a good idea.

Head over to LA Weekly to read the rest of the article and check out the band's show at Clubhouse tonight.

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Martin Cizmar
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