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Mute Math

To be a musician and hail from New Orleans this year is to have the world's ear -- up to a point. That very same world would probably demand that your group have some kind of universally recognizable blues or R&B packed away in its rowboat and expect that you hold Christian values but not get into any esoteric shit about the light in the sky if there's not a Hammond organ nearby. Which is probably why Aaron Neville will be singing the National Anthem at Super Bowl XL instead of Mute Math, a group that combines the high energy of the Police with the rootless experimentation of Radiohead, as deftly displayed by "Chaos," a standout track on its forthcoming full-length debut. This amazing four-piece unit creates an alchemy of prog rock, jazz and electronica that could only be arrived at in a sound laboratory where only the most combustible elements get used, be it live sampling or homemade guitars that look like last-place science fair projects. In 2004, the band became the first to sign with gospel and hip-hop producer Tedd T's Teleprompt label. Although the band's claim to be indie on its MySpace page isn't strictly true -- Teleprompt is an indie that is being distributed by Warner/Word Records -- the few idiots staying away from this show because they believe Mute Math to be potential corporate sellouts deserve to remain unenlightened.
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Serene Dominic
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