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My Band T-Shirt: Classic Concertwear, Pit Stains and All

Plenty of people visit the merch stand at concerts. Some people buy an item with the intent to wear it again and again, and it unexpectedly becomes destined to live on the top shelf of a closet where it won't be seen again for years. Others sport their band merch until it's been sufficiently worn out, with holes and pit stains and all.

Whether a band tee ever gets worn or not doesn't matter much when it has some sort of sentimental value. My Band T-Shirt tells the stories behind such tees.

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The stories behind such precious items are unique to each piece. A Beastie Boys Grand Royal shirt was taken on a cocaine-fueled journey to a music conference, where it got stolen by a friend. Nearly 15 years later, the owner hangs it proudly in his closet as a gem of pop culture.

Another music fan wore a Hole t-shirt that said "teenage whore" on the back every Friday for months on end in which he had been loved by the infamous Courtney Love herself.

A fan of Blur described what his t-shirt means to him: "That t-shirt was on me the rest of the year, in fact past that," wrote Ian Wade. "It sits on me like a smock now. My mum would've probably thrown it away, but thankfully she didn't and so it now resides in a big binbag in the loft."

All of these stories about magical musical nights and the keepsake t-shirts and mementos through which they are remembered can be found at My Band T-shirt. Visit the blog for more tales of the times of people's lives and the meet and greets the shirts helped achieve, and submit your own stories.

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