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My Chemical Romance Re-Boycotting Arizona? WTF?

My Chemical Romance may be re-boycotting Arizona over SB 1070.

Yesterday we pointed out that the band had formerly joined The Sound Strike during the height of the outrage over our state's crazy immigration law, SB 1070. Then they announced a date at Tempe's Marquee Theatre (without any comment) and someone took their name off the Sound Strike's official artist list.

Today that concert date has disappeared from their site, as you can see in the above screenshot. The date also does not appear on the Marquee Theatre's site -- though it may never have been added.

Oh, and several links to boycott-related blog posts on the band's website seem redirect to:

Hmmmmmmm. Seems there may be some internal conflict here! Maybe even a little flip-flopping!

We'd love to sort everything out for you but we have still have not received any response to e-mails and a phone call to the band's publicist, TJ Tauriello at Warner Bros. Records. We've also reached out to Javier Gonzalez, spokesman for The Sound Strike, to ask if he has any information about the status of the band.

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