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Napalm Death

We know what you're thinking: Napalm Death, the founders of grindcore, circa 1982, are still around? What can they offer the metal world after nearly three decades of sonic brutality and numerous changes in sound and personnel? Well, listen to the group's newest, Time Waits for No Slaves, and try to argue that these unapologetic Brits are irrelevant. The group's 14th effort recalls its vile, get-off-me-bitch approach from albums like Scum, thanks to Cookie Monster vocals and wrecked guitar lines. The best examples of the eff-you-and-your-mother attitude on the album include "Diktat," an angry anthem sardonically saluting the policing of morality, and the title track that listens like a gigantic one-fingered salute wrapped in blistering sludge. Time hasn't softened the group's lyrics, either — they still hate the world and all the cretins that occupy it. From the title track, for example: "Just give them convenience/Upon pain of fucking death/Honored cattle-class turning fattened heads." Still think they're dead to the metal world? Then maybe you can tell them in person this weekend. We wish you luck with that.
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Steve Jansen
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