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Narcocorridista El Komander To Bring the Sound of the Drug War to Phoenix

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Alfredo Ríos, also known as the Mexican corridista El Komander is leaving the AK-47 behind and is bringing his talents to the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix on Saturday, July 21.

The Culiacán, Sinaloa-native is currently on tour for his latest album, Belico, which dropped yesterday.

Ever since his 2009 debut, El Komander has been a rising star in the ever-popular narcocorridos sub-genre. Drug ballads, as they're known, document the very real drug war waging south of the border. Earlier this year, Mexican officials released an updated death count related to drug violence; it now stands at 47,515, although that number is still disputed.

Assassinations, gunfights, kidnappings and opulent living are all themes explored by the young man with the surprisingly sweet voice. His music videos are also quickly becoming the stuff of legend thanks to large-scale productions that play like mini-movies.

It's kind of like the modern-day Mexican Johnny Cash singing outlaw tunes.

Ticket prices are $45 and $75. Doors open at 7:30 p.m., and the show starts at 8:30.

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